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A list of active Hack Club open source repositories on GitHub

Hack Club is a nonprofit network of high school coding clubs and makers around the world. The Hack Club community has over 250 open source repositories, many of which are being actively developed every day. What makes these repositories open source is that they are editable by the public, which encourages you, the Hack Club community, to come together and collaborate on code socially.

Transparency is a core value of Hack Club, and code is not the only thing we open source. Check out our finances, workshops, and more.

We welcome and encourage your contributions, and we look forward to seeing the things you create!

Looking to contribute but don't know how? We have you covered!

Active Repositories

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How do I contribute?

If you're new here, scroll down for steps to get started!

Note: This guide assumes you have a GitHub account, git set up on your machine, and a text editor for editing the code.

  1. Review our contribution guidelines

    This document contains a set of guidelines which any contributions to any Hack Club repository must follow.

  2. Find a repository to contribute to

    Contributions can happen in a lot of ways. Adding issues, creating pull requests, and reviewing existing pull requests are a few of those ways.

  3. Fork the repository

    A fork is a copy of a repository that you manage. Forks let you make changes to a project without affecting the original code. You can create this copy by clicking on the "Fork" button at the top right of the repository page.

  4. Clone the repository and open it in your code editor

    Cloning a repository is how you download the repository's code to your computer. You can clone the repository by clicking the green "Code" button on the repository page.

  5. When you're done making your code edits, create a pull request

    Pull requests are how you suggest your code edits! The maintainers of the repository may comment on your pull request, ask for changes, or approve it right away and merge it in.

Congratulations, you're now an open source contributor!

New here? Welcome!

Hack Club is a nonprofit network of high school coding clubs and makers around the world. We are so happy to have you!

  1. 1. Join our online community

    We’ve got a 24/7 Slack chatroom of 25k+ teenagers learning to code & building amazing projects, & you’ll fit right in.

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  2. 2. Join GitHub

    GitHub is a development platform where people collaborate on code. This is where we can find and edit each others code.

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  3. 3. Make your first pull request

    Pull requests are the way we edit each others code. Follow the link above for an interactive demonstation on how to make a pull request!

    Dino PR
  4. 4. Share your work on Scrapbook

    As a Hack Clubber, you are always learning and building things. Scrapbook allows you to share updates on the things you're doing with the rest of the Hack Club community.

  5. 5. Contribute to more open source projects

    Once you feel ready, you can start to contribute to other open source projects!

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